DEBUSSY & CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO (Auditorium, Palma de Mallorca)

En cuanto a José Antonio Domené al arpa, interpretó las Danzas sacrée te Profane, de Claude Debussy, mucho más rompedor, mucho más innovador, que buscó en el instrumento, a pesar de ser un encargo para un nuevo modelo de arpa, una recopilación de perfiles poco elocuentes y muy experimentales, de tanta belleza como dificultad. Dos piezas que contrastan pero que al mismo tiempo forman un conjunto sólido, que el solista desarrolló exhibiendo todo su cromatismo. La segunda pieza del solista fue el Concertino para arpa y orquesta, de Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, de similares características que la anterior y con la que rubricó una más que interesante interpretación.

J.A. Mendiola, Ara Balears, December, 2017

UNFORGETABLE RECITAL (LifeVictoria Festival, Barcelona)

The Hospital of Sant Pau once again welcomes the Life Victoria lieder festival, in its third edition, a unique opportunity to see some of the world’s greatest specialists in this repertoire, which was the case of this weekend’s concert featuring soprano Isabel Monar and harpist Jose Antonio Domené. The Domènech i Montaner hall at Sant Pau, full to the brim, witnessed a programme of song cycles by Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Reinaldo Hahn and Manuel de Falla. Well-known soprano Isabel Monar showed great affection and sensitivity in facing this repertoire. In the German section, with the sweetness of Schubert’s cycle Gesänge des Harfners and the heroism of Schumann’s Three songs on Hebrew melodies of Lord Byron, the Valencian-born singer showed a strong knowledge of both language and music. Likewise, José Antonio Domené was an ideal accompanist, especially in the Schumann cycle. Originally written for harp, and rarely programmed, the piece is very demanding both technically and musically, making the rapport and bond between the two soloists a pleasure to see. As an interlude to the next block, Domené performed the Impromptu, op. 86 by Gabriel Fauré, one of the major works of the harp repertoire, and a showcase of the instrument’s many and varied possibilities, which left no doubt as to the musician’s outstanding talent. The evening continued with the songs L’énamourée, L'heure exquise, Infidélité and Si mes vers avaient des ailes by Reinaldo Hahn. Exquisite melodies that filled the modernist hall with the spirit of the French Romantic composer. Finally, Manuel de Falla’s Seven Popular Spanish Songs broke the intimacy with folk rhythms in a brilliant arrangement for harp by Domené himself. As an encore for this extraordinary concert, an emotional Isabel Monar sang Strauss’ Morgen!, a call for world peace in difficult times.

Aleix Palau, Catalunya Música, November, 2015


Last Saturday brought a repeat in Mahon of the previous day’s success in Ciutadella. Violinist Francina Moll, alongside harpist Jose Antonio Domené, presented a concert in the Esglesia de Sant Josep of a kind rarely seen in Menorca and left one wanting more. Violin and harp rarely share the stage, and when the opportunity occurs, it is a true must-see. Ciutadella-born Francina Salord Moll is without doubt one of our island’s most outstanding violinists, as credited by her studies at the Purcell School and the Royal College of Music in London, where she is currently completing a master. I wonder why she is not invited to play at home more often. On the other hand, José Antonio Domené, one of the most celebrated of Spanish harpists, surprised with his mastery of such a particular instrument. They both delighted the audience with the beautiful Sonata for Harp by Donizetti, who opened the concert, a sonata in a belcanto form aria-cabaletta. It was followed by the Spanish Popular Suite by Falla which Francina Moll understands perfectly, giving warmth and affectivity and exceedingly well supported by Domené, who made the transcription from the piano part. But the solo virtuosity was yet to come with the Yasaie Sonata for solo violin and the harp Fantasy Op. 95 by Saint-Saëns. The first piece, devilishly difficult; the second, highly delicate. Followed by the rarely played Sonata Concertante by Spohr, a technical feat of the repertoire, the concert ended with a grand finale: the Fantasy Op.125 by Saint-Saëns for violin and harp. The applause arrived only to break the spell cast over us: applause most well-deserved, leading to an encore of the Meditation from Massenet’s opera Thaïs, a gem of the repertoire that left us wondering when such a marvelous concert might take place in Menorca again. Hopefully, soon.

Aleix Palau, Menorca Diario, April, 2014


Harpist Jose Antonio Domené has been awarded the Promúsica Association Award for his 'brilliant solo career' and his work as a chamber music and orchestral player, collaborating with international renowned orchestras.

La verdad, April, 2013


With Handel Concerto José Antonio Domené demonstrated a clear example of talent and expressivity, with clear and transparent sonority and a great technique in it’s permanent concertante, but it was with the fascinating Mozart Concerto for flute and harp where he really showed his potential. The sonority was awesome, clear and notably expressive.

Javier Artaza, La verdad, January, 2013

HARP CONCERT (Casa de las Artes y de la Música de Cieza, Murcia)

Excellent concert by José Antonio Domené. The harpist gave the best of himself in his recital at the Casa de las Artes y de la Música, ending with a standing ovation. The repertoire, a selection of pieces from the 20th century, highlighted the mastery of the soloist. The public, totally devoted, cheered and acclaimed the performance of the musician., November, 2011


A few seconds after he began playing, no one could possibly see the instrument, trying to follow the movement of his rapid fingers between the strings. The public, enchanted with the continued development of his exhibition wanted more. There were times when I saw us levitating and flying over the roof of the Moneo’s building.

García Martínez, La verdad, February, 2009


Scheherazade by Rimsky came after the interval, raising the roof in its power and intensity. The full orchestra reveled in this marvelous score, enjoying the virtuoso scoring and vivid and brilliant writing for the instruments. Leader was ably aided by harpist Jose Antonio Domené.

Bob Briggs,, December, 2008

A HAND OF SNOW (Sociedad Bilbaína, Bilbao)

Yesterday afternoon at the Bilbao Society, nearly one hundred people attended the recital given by the great harpist José Antonio Domené. The soloist made himself with the harp and performed with his ‘hands of snow’.

Txema Soria, El correo digital, May, 2008

MOZART CONCERTO (Auditorio Nacional de Música, Madrid)

José Antonio Domené triumphed at the Madrid Auditorium with the double Mozart Concerto for flute and harp, alongside the Royal Conservatory of Music Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Antonio Moya.

Melómano, January, 2007

CONCURSO UFAM (Courveboi, Francia)

The harpist José Antonio Domené has been awarded the first prize at the UFAM International Competition. For the musician this was an important victory. Pannel members included Jean-Michelle Damase, Dominique Bouchaud and Iris Torossian . They were impressed with the performance of Domené.

Front page, La Opinión, March, 2006

1st INTERCENTROS COMPETITION (Auditorium Manuel de Falla, RCSMM)

Jose Antonio Domené received the Honorable Mention Prize from the hands of Miguel del Barco for his elegant and serene version of Dittersdorf Concerto for harp.

Álvaro Zaldívar, Melómano, February, 2003


The unusual world of the harp has in Jose Antonio Domené a promise of an unexpected future.

Octavio de Juan, La Verdad, April, 2003